6 Ways To Stop Your Vizsla Barking

Vizsla Barking

Your Vizsla might have started yelping unnecesarily when young or you might have bought a mature canine which barks; whatever the case, methods exist which you can use to manage this behavior and change the dog to a partner which is happier and more dignified.

It is perfectly fine when your doog barks to inform you of someone approaching the house; perhaps two barks are normally sufficient to warn you. Surprisingly, some mutts begin to bark without warning and can do this persistently.

When you start training your puppy or canine to stop barking, you should exercise understanding. Vizsla’s are intelligent animals; however, they normally lack the sharpness of mind which human beings possess.

Striking a pooch which is barking will simply bring out the worst in the canine; this can lead to other worse problems apart from yelping. Remember also that Vizslas are very sensitive to our needs. Just in case you get mad and worked up, it is very likely that your pooch will also react in this exact same manner.


You can train your Vizsla to bark once or twice, then stop; this is going to require you to invest time and effort; however, it is possible. When a person goes to the door, let the pooch bark twice then say, “Hush now” or “Silence” or any term you think is appropriate.


Avoid shouting at your Vizsla; speak quietly but firmly. Guide the canine to an appropriate area and persuade him to sit. In case the pooch has been quiet, offer him a treat.


Another way of training a Vizsla to keep from excessive yelping to give a warning is to allow him to bark a number of times then offer him a treat. A lot of canines will stop barking when they set their eyes on the treat. This is the time you should offer the treat to him and praise him.

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