4 Ways to find out whether your Vizsla is pregnant or not

4 Ways to find out whether your Vizsla is pregnant or not

Whether your Vizsla dog’s pregnancy was pre-planned or not, it is a very good idea to confirm the outset quickly to guarantee she gets proper nutrition and prenatal care. Vizsla pregnancies only last for about 63 days and the symptoms start noticeable within a few weeks. You would not be able to purchase a house pregnancy test for your Vizsla but you can keep track of the symptoms and signs of her pregnancy.

Abdominal expansion

One of the noticeable signs of Vizsla dog’s pregnany is an expansion of belly. Weight gain also becomes a sign in the second half of its pregnany and her addomen will feel firmer while the last couple of weeks. It is a perfect time to possibly see the outline or movement of puppy’s especially when the mother dog is carrying the largest litter. Be gentle when you feel for the little puppies, because excessive prodding and poking may cause discomfort or also miscaariage, according to the hand book named Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary. Ask your veterinary doctor for the necessary tips on safely feeing for the little ones.

Behavioural changes

Usually, the pregnant Vizslas show so many behavioural changes during the pregnancy. Some may be noticeable but others are likely slight and only detectable if you are deeply looking for those signs. If your pet becomes less or more affectionate than normal then experiences the changes in appetite, or being tired and out of the sorts and she might be pregnant. Changes in the activity level and behaviour occur due to the combination of hormonal and instinct changes. Restlessness and nesting behaviour usually occur some days before a delivery.

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