1. Plan your launch

If you are introducing a new pet to the one you previously had in your home, and you would like the pets to get on with each other, you’ll need a good footing to build on. To begin with, you must ensure that your house has enough room to accommodate the domestic pets separately. That is, you must keep the domestic pets separated for a few days. Also, in the event that the dog does not adhere to your own instructions nicely, you will have to work on its compliance training. Perhaps you are introducing a fresh Vizsla or you have a new dog that does not adhere to its instructions, care must be taken when introducing it to your pet. Never let the very first experience of your previously had pets with your new Hungarian Vizsla be an undesirable one particular with an intense overyealous pet.

2. Proceed slower

At the beginning, never allow your Vizsla dog to move around with the new cat – try to keep your domestic pets away for a few days before you personally introduce it. Creatures need time to know people’s odors, get familiar with their new household before they could deal with getting to know an additional pet. Generally, cats and dogs are greatly prone to battle and as well could possibly be miserable in the event that you attempt to power the friendship fastly. Keep them in their distinct rooms until they are both finally quiet. Thereafter, you can begin to mix their odors by stroking your cat and subsequently stroking the Vizsla vice versa. Remember, both must be in distinct rooms.

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