6 reasons why we love Vizslas

Vizsla temperament

Vizsla Temperament – 6 reason why we love them

The Vizsla is a breed which is extremely clever – this is not a secret. This signifies that they flourish most when they face threats and are provided with tasks (when offered tasks chances of them getting into problems and frustrating you are slim). Firstly, they should be offered a strong support.

1. A breed of immense energy – “Perpetuum mobile” dog

The Vizsla with hungarian vizsla temperament is a breed of immense energy. Unfortunatey people, this breed will not be contented with being put on a leash and taken for strolls around the locality or numerous visits to dogparks that are normally packed and harzardous. Initially, this breed was created to carry out hunting on foot (going for long distances) for many hours.

They are athletes that perservere and require everyday off lease workout. This assists them to satisfy their longing to work cover as well as “hunt” (rabbits and tweety birds can be great for the Vizsla with vizsla temperament in adolescence stage!)

A family should integrate this normal workout routine into the general schedule or activities of the family. Sadly, it appears that the areas which are easily available and wonderful, with sufficient room to offer secure, powerful leash runs for dogs involved in sports are not many.

It takes time to just take your Vizsla to an area he can work out safely; strolling, running and biking with them calls for the inspiration of an energetic individual who also derives pleasure from working out themselves.
Vizslas with vizsla temperament do not exercise on their own; therefore, simply possessing a huge backyard or numerous acres is not a suitable solution. Majority of Vizslas have an extremely powerful connection to their humans and like being with the family. The Vizsla prefers being in the company of his humans, unless the family is outdoors having fun in the yard.

2. Vizsla guarding and separation

Vizslas have a tendency of acquiring anxiety characteristic (guarding and separation). As majority of Vizslas are extremely dependent and like their human’s company most of the time, they can acquire guarding characteristic (believing their humans really belong to them or the seat they take pleasure from when they share with their humans belongs to them also).

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