6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Using Any Vizsla Stud Service

6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Using Any Vizsla Stud Service

Vizsla owners who have decided to offer their pet for an ideal stud service nowadays think about an array of very important issues. Vizsla stud service is responsible for Vizsla puppies produced by your dog an also the overall wellbeing of the female dog that is being bred to your pet animal. They have to enhance everything and stop unhealthy puppies being born. If they do it, then they will contribute a lot to quit shortened lifespan and illness of puppies. Vizsla stud service have to get the following:
– Intact male dog
– Stud service contract
– Health testing results copies
– Spare crate to visit females
– Leash and muzzle

1. You, as Vizsla owner have to appraise the breeding quality of your dog at first.

Then Vizsla stud service shour offer you an outstanding service when they make sure that their dog improves its health required for breeding successfully. They can feel free to let their dog enter the conformation shows and ensure the breed standard of their pet animal directly.

2. Informed decision about the stud service

Once they tested the genetic conditions of your Vizsla pet as per its breed, they have to make an informed decision about the stud service. They can get in touch with the national breed club and enhance their way to do this process. Vizsla dog stud service have to prefer this test for once in six months when they let their dog being used at stud. Female dogs have to be tested in detail and cleared of brucellosis.

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