How To Stop Your Vizsla Puppy Biting


Many people love to have a Vizsla puppy at home nowadays. They are eager to gain knowledge of everything about this Hungarian hunting dog and enhance its lifestyle. On the other hand, they get so many problems such as puppy biting. They have to bear in mind that almost every problem associated with the vizsla puppy biting is mainly caused by humans.

Well experienced Vizsla owners understand the mouthy nature of puppies in particular a Vizsla puppy. In general Vizsla puppies like to chomp down on your clothes, kids, or you directly. Keep in mind that normal behaviours of 2-5 month old Vizsla puppy do not fail to include this mouthy nature.

The over-stimulation is the most important reason for why a puppy bites sometimes. If a puppy requires a time out or under-exercised, then it starts biting. Puppies decrease their mouthy nature when they go out and have fun a few hours a day. Some puppies need a nap soon after they get over-tired. Pet owners have to identify these situations and reactions of puppies in detail. You will get the most expected result when follow this simple approach hereafter.

Some Vizsla puppies do not bite their mothers and pet owners mostly. On the other hand, these puppies bite kids and grandchildren in home sometimes. This is because naughtiness of kids may disturb puppies. Individuals who have bought a Vizsla puppy from any breeder have to give essential training in terms of no bite at least for a few days. They have to take note of every reaction of a puppy and enhance their way to give a proper training. If they make efforts to make their puppy understanding its fun will be ended when it bite anyone in the family too hard. They have to be consistent in their way to train up a Vizsla puppy out of harm’s way.

Many people do not know how to stop a puppy from biting any object. If they make a quick exclamation of “OUCH!”, then a puppy stops biting for a moment and they can protect the object immediately. You have to redirect your Vizsla puppy by anything that encourages him/her to play. It is worthwhile to say “OW!” at the top of your voice and leave the room when your puppy bites you again. You have to start from the scratch when your Vizsla puppy enter the room again.

Some puppies are wimpy playmates nowadays. If your Vizsla puppy belongs to this category, then it has to be treated extra kindly. Experienced Vizsla pet owners pretend a simple bite of their puppy hurt them seriously. This is because they try to train their puppy stops biting them again. Puppies do not try to bite their owners when they understand a gentle mouthing hurts humans who take care of them on a regular basis.

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