Vizsla outlook


The Vizsla is a moderate-sized hungarian hunting dog. The healthy body is somewhat longer than it’s tall. The slightly domed skull is broad and slim and muscular between the ears using a middle line going down  the brow. The muzzle is the same length or shorter than the skull and tapers slowly from the tail to the nose. The nose is flesh-colored in comparison with the full jacket. The neck is high without dewlap. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The medium-sized eyes comparison with the coat color. The long ears are not sleek fat, hanging down with curved points close to the cheeks. The tail is thick at the origin and is customarily docked to 2/3 its initial span. Note: docking tails is not legal in most parts of Europe. The front legs are straight with catlike feet. The Dewclaws are removed.



Mark Topom

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