Vizsla Price

Vizsla puppy price

You may do not aware about what a Vizsla is and its lifestyle. We would like to share a few details about Vizsla you should bear in mind before getting one. Vizslas are:

  • Completely brown (eyes, nose, cuticle, mustache, skin, everything…)
  • Self-clean dogs like a cat
  • An odour free at all times
  • Extremely trainable
  • Super sensitive
  • Known as the Velcro Vizsla for the reason that they connect with you like glue
  • Do not produce natural body oil
  • Hunting dogs
  • Have a high energy level
  • Have an average weight between 45lbs and 60lbs during the adolescent stage
  • Price of Vizsla puppy is between $1,000 and $1,800 
  • Need to be bathed one time per quarter (if you own or will own a Vizsla, then you have to rub it down by using a clean and dry towel once per week regardless of how clean it is)

Owners pay in general price around $1,000 for their Vizsla dog. Most of them will never possess any other breed after purchase. The reason is that Vizsla is the best suitable dog for people of every age group.

Vizsla price after the puppy found home

As new puppy parents, you have to learn about what you have to do on time in different situations especially vet appointments.