Vizsla Weimaraner Mix


Vizslas are often mistaken for Weimaraners. Howeverthey are similar in size and appearance to Vizslas, the Weimaraners are having a blue-gray color. The are doubtlessly similar in many ways to Vizslas, and some of the similarities are intelligence, energy, athlete build, and need of attention and exercise. The high energy Weimaraner bred to hunt all day long, needs a fit owner who can match with his needing exercise needs: running, cycling, hiking, jogging, field work. As does being left alone too much an excessive amount of confinement leads to hyperactivity and destructiveness.

A tired Weimaraner will bark up a storm, demolish your house and lot, even try to escape in search of experience. Allowed dominant with other dogs, with strangers, ravening toward little animals like bunnies and cats, an owner who can provide direction, socialization, and training past the beginner level is needed by most Weimaraners. Though this strain is headstrong, in the right hands he’s capable of doing and learning almost anything.

Truly, a well-matched owner will see the Weimaraner a true, aristocratic gentleman of character and great existence.



Mark Topom

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